Monday, February 23, 2015


A plant that breaks off near the ground in autumn and is blown about by the wind

any plant that breaks away from its roots in autumn and is

driven by the wind
        ... as a light rolling mass...

That would be me.


 notes: Webster’s New World Dictionary

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Will you be my Valentine

A handsome stranger drove in to T-town 10 years ago, and by some miracle, his life met with mine. 

Since our fist meeting, our lives changed. Our future; our goals, once individual, separate, were now entertwined. 
Without thought; with no care to if it was wrong or right; our hearts gravitated to each other.

That day we let go of "me" so you and I might be one; and as it was meant to be, the two of us became "We."

I knew it was amazing. Special. Perfect. It was so profound. So like I imagine a miracle might feel. It was unlike any experience I had ever lnown up to that point in my life, or since.

Still, I had no idea just how important you would be to me. 

If I had known. I would have warned you, how the time of our life would have us hanging on for dear life. Then I would have said....

You might not believe it because I don't often express it, and might never admit it again: you made me a better woman. 

And these two, beautiful men-child's you gave me, to worry about, and love also, are the greatest gift I have ever received. 

Boy, oh boy. Do you know, I love you and them with all of my being? 

I can't remember what I was doing or where I was going before you and I became we. I do know you gave me a purpose. Our boys, brought us direction. 

And now my heart is split into three prices, because with the gift you gave me, "we" became a family. 

And you three are so very precious and important to me. 
I love you. So, I ask you, Cory, Colton, and Clayton, on this Valentine's Day 2015, will you be mine? Will you three that gave me a place to belong, and I call my family......will you three most special loves of my life..,,be my valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Come here prosperity

am a versatile, loyal, reliable, productive, practical, cooperative and hard working employee.

I am ever mindful of how my actions affect the integrity of my employer, and so I strive to be ethical and professional in all my dealings with the public (customers). 

I am self motivated and have good time management skills, so I am goal oriented and can meet deadlines. 

I am an innovative and creative problem solver. I am also highly trainable. I am detail oriented, and have good oral and written communication skills.

I have a curious mind, and I enjoy the creative process, new projects and the mission to serve others which drives every facet of the service industry.

Then, the legal disclaimer... 

Anintroduction to the wild card side of the HjB. Ya know her....The Nevada born, to big for my own britches and more than little ginger. The one who is compelled to  even the odd score.

Disclaimer ..... I worship cowgirls. I can't  wAit to get dirty. 

I 'm slightly read, and never done with my rose colored glasses.

Also, my life is my continuing education; but I laugh my way down every row. At least I still survive, my personal adventure!

Now, ya might get caught with a smile; because at the tumbleweed feed "This is OUR Life," is our lease on life.

I am passionate about people and commerce, but not so much about the superficial grouping together of a mass in order to bring bulk goods and services to deliberately dulled souls....only because it's past time to evolve. 

I'm just saying: we used to cart our produce, and pigs, to market. 

D1: wildnevadan girl-woman is likely to slide off the tred-zone on occasion.

Or time after time.  That's my freedom and my poison.

And the super d, or double d.
DD: Ha. I have a sweet tooth for PRoSPeriTY.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Why conspire? How does your garden grow?

"They" conspired to take my share, or somehow I had offered mine to sacrifice. At the end of the season there was no hoard. Only a dry, empty cellar.

So many times I came away from a let down and thought, "Damn, it didn't have to go down like that." I was never able to identify a root cause of this obvious unbalance. I thought it was just me. Or an unlucky streak, that persisted.

When i was more able to organize myself, I found myself 10 feet below ground, in a hole of debt and worry I had dug for myself. More, I was confused as to why I had dug myself such a hole. Again.

I can own the shovel and the hole, but I cannot quite take full responsibility for the how I found myself there. I know better than to be caught dead nodding in the direction of anybody else. But people with an agenda were available for advice, and tend to set me toward doom or kaboom.

It was almost lucky for some of them. I was all devote enough time but where the hell is it and could not concentrate on anything long enough to bear achievement. I could tell it was fast approaching, "go for broke." 

What a joke.

If it weren't for the money I would of never found myself asking myself, "Is the whole sand dune inside my nose? Can the wind really be this relentless?"


I knew I was meant to learn the hard way. I was young when I noticed the trend. A habit,  that sends me from beginning to end like a spinning circle; And, that I could go on forever this way. Outlast the Energizer bunny.

But, This activity of the line wasn't lovingly tendered or well meant character building. Suffering is suffering. 

And I part of why I'm inspired to contribute my perspective, here, is Because I can sense it's time, to build a new perspective. 

I do not have time to sleep when I am dead. I want to utilize God's gift of free will before I actually meet him.

My life and use of each day is just as righteous as the  next guys'.

Why did I ever let the cruel beast of immature in?

Now my midlife-confession:  I was in the middle of my courtin' obsession. I got hit with the middle of a recession. Now, we ALL make concessions. Confessions.

I thought, if we ALL dig a hole to China it is not just a hole, it is a highway.
What does that say?


I am too serious for someone who survived. I could still cry. It was a shame.

So sad to know too many who buy form with habbits, but cannot abolish them.

My reflection can show, I am blown away and about by the wind and whimsy more easily. Things do not seem as solid for me anymore.

I'm happier here, having found a foothold before the slip. But I will be forever peaked with an interest in how things are perceived. Im uncomfortable with how comfortable we are in our fake world with our fake ideas of ourselves and each other.

I get a shiver when I think about our loyalty to the fake ideas of a governement, for and by, we the people, who fake interest with the public interest. To who? And which what does it serve? 

I spent just enough time in line to identify with others who suffer. 

Who knows what could happen if we completely forget to observe Mother Nature and we recieve God by electronic device and thy virtual reality is thy devine? 

And here I worry about my kids and doubt every word in the "No-child-left-behind-the-bus-unless- nobody-is-watching-and-because-it-snowed--they-don't-have-shoes-to-walk-uphill-both-ways," book I must have found at the animal shelter. 

Yet I know I will stand before judgement by my adhindersnce to it.

I am too American to stand at the bottom of the hole for very long. 

Damn sure if I will be babysitting my hole when it is time to lay down in it.

More, I know that if I can change, then I might inspire another person to take the same challenge. And, then so can another, and another. I hope there are others who feel It is time to dismantle this pattern of individual state of being "without" responsibility.

I don't want to feed the pig anymore because it is blinded by and addicted to ideals which leave it unable to help the needy.

I cannot believe I tried to bend the natural laws of the Universie to my will. I see the cow path I wore down where I side step my own morals.

I hope I am not the only one ready to call my inner Fool out for a good thrashing after school today.

It hasn't been much fun to decide a new path for new morals.

My kids try to motivate me, with this phrase and and I tumbleweed wish it might inspire at least one of my fellow Americans, to climb out of the hole if it resembles mine.

"Hell-o. Can we get this show on the road?"

And they are right.

I don't have time to sleep when I'm dead. 

Can't we just get along and help each other? 

Hell-o! Would being helpful or thoughtful to each other cause a life altering state of being? a natural disaster? 

Ah hell,

 I- tumbleweed wish...

I tumbleweed wish ...

For your sake and mine.

I tumbleweed wish ... We could take a break from things and the "we the people that are FAKE."


To do nothing, does not attract me.