Thursday, December 5, 2013


It is time to fight the right fight.

My Hon asked me, what the last post meant. I shrugged my shoulders. It meant that my emotions spawned by the disolusionment of one of my great loves made it next to impossible to express to the world, with logic.

In simple terms, the tumbleweed is stuck in a fence.

My love is my country. My anger, disapointment and fustration with the governement has caused me such inner turmoil, I can hardly see the beauty, anymore. My citizenary dealings with the government has left me so estranged, my contribution to the Gross Domestic product, my trudge and drudge, is totally disrupted. All I want to do is fight and get revenge. I am so wickedly pissed, I cannot logically explain!

So we are real clear, right now. My anger has nothing to do with Obama or Obama Care. My anger is at the system, which is supposed to help the citizens prosper, and does the opposite. 

It has everything to do with how the people of this country, the citizens, run things.

 And the mulch that gives feeds my seeds, i.e., the Wild Nevadans in training, and teaches them to become responsible product generators, is one pissed off red-head. 

Anybody who knows me, knows I've been off lately. I've been unstable and told everybody, even myself, exactly what I think about them. If they are still standing there when I am done, I let them know how I feel about my governement.

First of all, I am a rule girl. I like to know and follow them. That way I can truly enjoy my free time, and not worry about being in trouble or feel guilty for shirking my responsiblities. I feel like, I am a part of the collective whole, which is my state, my country, my world, or even the universe. 

I believe I exist because I am a part of and contributor to the whole. I strive to be a team player; maintain my own immediate enviornment so as to not be a suck on the larger environment. 

More, whenever I am able, I lend a hand to the bigger or another person's enviornment, so that collectively, we can all move forward.

The fact I do not want to participate, and tumbleweed wish I could retreat to the extreme rural recess of this land, and take my immediate environment "off grid," is a fairy tale. I will always be just hungry enough that I will maintain my travel lane.

But, alas, I have two real responsibilities in this life. Maintain myself within this enviornment, and contribute to the collective becuase the state of it directly impacts my survivial. 

To complain about the effort, is mute. 

Besides, I only suffer sometimes. I eat as may additives as I can afford, swallow every toxin I can get my hands on, and talk as much shit as the next guy on Facebook. 

And so this domestic product does its fair share of benefacting and decomposing. I occasionally wish I was more important than the next guy; But, we live pay check to pay check and downplay the hormones in our chicken. Just like you.

It is inside all of us to conquor and compete because we enjoy the reward; Who doesn't like to celebrate, and enjoy the fruit of our labor? It's a healthy human drive, and if God had not intended us to feel pleasure he would not have hard wired the human race to seek enjoyment. And, naturally, Without it there is little incentive to contribute or conquer, right? Without reward, in the natural world, we extinct.

But when we do government we play outside the natural boundaries of reality. It's patty cake. We pretend, promise. Pray it doesn't come due while we are in charge; and practice what we preach only while there are witnesses. 

When I say the government is broke I mean, it's BROKE. And the way we run things I expect eventually we will go broke.

 Why pay when you can cheat your neighbor and borrow off tomarrow?