Friday, March 30, 2012


"Water! You brought me to water! You are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!"
Last month, my Toby, my doggie friend of 13+ years was called to active duty in heaven. Boy, did I feel jipped, ripped and tripped. 
I might be recovering from the fog that settles in your head when you lose your best friend... I'm not sure. I  know it shakes me every time.
And, no amount of mental preparation can mentally prepare us for having to shred through the emotions. The word WOW, might summarize it. And it does not seem right.

Wow. And grief. What shriveled little words in this case. And what can be said about my dog's special traits? I imagined I would cronicle some of the adventures we shared. At the very least, I should have been moved to write poetry.

The fact that my Toby walked beside me through my oh-so-fun 20s envokes a sense of having been raised by him. If I didn't know my own parents I might have guessed I was raised by a distant relative of wild wolves...anyhow. The past month plus some has been rough. It was liken to a country song; one where you poor me another glass of wiskey.

If my 'ol Toby were around to witness the tears I shed, he would somehow console me.

He would somehow communicate, " Aw. Don’t worry. Lets go for a walk. Okay, no walk? Well, then my eyebrows are together in concern for this pitiful look upon your face and the wet stuff, (again). I will sit here until you are ready for more water or rocks." And, I am pretty sure Toby is the only one who could console me.

It brings to mind some of the TIMES, the Toby-Times, in which he 'said' something to me.

Do you have any idea how great this feels when I roll around on it like this? Grass is the greatest.
I was. Gone. Chasing. Jack Rabbits. Need Water. Very Tired.

I can’t leave the rock alone. It is my rock and I love it.
You’re Home! You're Home! Happy Dance time.
I will gladly get rid of any of that high fat, high calorie, yummy people-food for you.

I'm always ready for more ____.
(rocks, water, skateboarding in the back of the truck...yup anything pretty much covers it.)
and ANYTHING to make you happy.
Tacos? Order mine with no lettuce.

FYI. I do tricks for treats.

I know it looks bad. But, I didn't mean to get arrested.

So, where do I ride? When do we load up?

Walk? Did somebody say walk? That's my department. How can I be of service? The door is over here.

You knew where to find me.

To love is to live.

(and my dog taught me that)
 Loves, HjB.