About the WildNevadan HjB

About Me the HjB, born in Tonopah, Nevada on the 4th of July, in 1978, and 
raised by coyotes. Kidding.

This is my story....ramble....dance...

Its my unfenced, garden where I plant wild seeds... And kick loose that restless energy that dances along like a tumbleweed.

The tumbleweed is meant to be uplifting; a place to find beauty in what is unique; about gratitude; or strength in character building; or how we must have a sense of humor with ourselves and our environments; And trust me, I am as graceful as a naked stick bush can be, while it bounces across nothingness, or the Never Nevers... So it is always and adventure and I want you to come along on; I hope to inspire tumbleweed wishes...and so much more.

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Thanks for reading...

Heidi J. Bertolino
aka HjB

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