Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Window: Five Things I Love About You

"...You are the window (in) which you must see the world."
 --George Bernard Shaw 

1. That you love to read newspapers and pay attention to world news and politics
2. That you have been to every state at least twice and that you picked me; and that you were not scared to settle down, and make US your home.
3. That you like to work and you try hard, even when you are not good at something
4. When you are sweet and charming
5. Your generosity

1. The way you say Thank You
2. Your laugh
3. The way you like to build things with Lego's
4. Your singing, and the way you dance around to music
5. The way you look like your Daddy

1. When you say I love you Mommy
2. Your smile
3. The way you like both tools and babies
4. Your stories: the way you tell me everything that happened, and then what is going to happen, even when I cannot understand what you are saying because you are talking so fast.
5. The way you look like me


Sunday, April 22, 2012

It has fish

Old Man Winter put 20 pounds on my rump roast. I asked little of my body, except to fight off a fleet of renegade germs. Translation: This naked stick bush spent her winter chilling on some out of the way section of barb wire waiting for spring winds to blow her free.

Lucky for me I spent a good part of Friday forcing my chunky butt into physical labor. Boy, did I sweat. Meanwhile, I eagerly soaked up some of God's glorious sun rays (through two coats of SPF 50). Then, I drank about six quarts of water to flush out the toxic gunk that must have built up inside. One thing I have found, town life yields no shortage of the artificial...colors, flavors, preservatives, conversation...
After that, I felt so freaking good that I drank two beers and turned down an old dirt road. I put it into the universe I was ready to find this mysterious "nearby lake" the locals have been rumbling about. From my place, hung up in the fence, this Wild Nevadan girl-woman thought they must have gone crazy. How could I have not known such a place exists?

All I need is a reason to range off the beaten path with generalized accounts of an otherwise unknown destination.

Are you kidding? This what I live for!

How lucky we are to offer your thoughts to the universe and get back what we think?

The minute I let go of Old Man Winter, almost no effort was required for this old naked stick bush to find the lake these people speak of.

And, so I guess will continue to call it a lake, though it is only a lake by some kind of wild Nevadan standard. Perhaps it is because I found my own reason to be ready for more generalized exploration...

It has fish

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

There once was an old ironing board

Last weekend I followed my Mom out to Big Smoky Valley and Kingston to go over what to do with furniture left at Grammie's house.

I'm an expert mover so my advice is highly sought after...

Upon going over the things I shall hoard off to my own domicile we came across an old ironing board.

My Mom looks at me, and with a giggle says, "You aren't going to take the ironing board are you."

Ha ha. Less accurate observations have been made.
She was spot on.

It was a mother daughter moment in which I felt, ahh this woman really knows me.

Here's to Moms. Especially mine.
And have a wild Wednesday!
Loves, HjB.