Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Come here prosperity

am a versatile, loyal, reliable, productive, practical, cooperative and hard working employee.

I am ever mindful of how my actions affect the integrity of my employer, and so I strive to be ethical and professional in all my dealings with the public (customers). 

I am self motivated and have good time management skills, so I am goal oriented and can meet deadlines. 

I am an innovative and creative problem solver. I am also highly trainable. I am detail oriented, and have good oral and written communication skills.

I have a curious mind, and I enjoy the creative process, new projects and the mission to serve others which drives every facet of the service industry.

Then, the legal disclaimer... 

Anintroduction to the wild card side of the HjB. Ya know her....The Nevada born, to big for my own britches and more than little ginger. The one who is compelled to  even the odd score.

Disclaimer ..... I worship cowgirls. I can't  wAit to get dirty. 

I 'm slightly read, and never done with my rose colored glasses.

Also, my life is my continuing education; but I laugh my way down every row. At least I still survive, my personal adventure!

Now, ya might get caught with a smile; because at the tumbleweed feed "This is OUR Life," is our lease on life.

I am passionate about people and commerce, but not so much about the superficial grouping together of a mass in order to bring bulk goods and services to deliberately dulled souls....only because it's past time to evolve. 

I'm just saying: we used to cart our produce, and pigs, to market. 

D1: wildnevadan girl-woman is likely to slide off the tred-zone on occasion.

Or time after time.  That's my freedom and my poison.

And the super d, or double d.
DD: Ha. I have a sweet tooth for PRoSPeriTY.


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