Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ms. Fix It

I have been known to break things, like glass or, more recently lawn mowers. So, one of the endearing nicknames my man has given me over the years is Ram Rod. I would prefer Rough Neck, but we do not often get to choose our own nick names.
The call goes something like this, "Um. Hon. Um. I broke it..."
His reply, "I will be there in a minute, Ram Rod."
My Man is pretty handy and I have to admit he does not complain too much when he fixes my broken crap. For example, this past weekend he righted a wrong and, using a torch, replaced a Mandrake on the lawn mower we borrowed from the boss.
It was a pain in the ass kind of project that he would not have had to do if I had just been a little more careful, you know. The good part is I fetched tools and once we were done he considered me half the fix it team. He even gave me a high five. He is a good guy this way. I really appreciate his attitude toward my RamRodyness.
Anyhow, I am not so handy and being the one who usually does the breaking, it is hard for me to return fix it favors. Until this morning.
Last week he was under the tractor (or the bailer, I'm not sure). While busy, wiggling and wrenching on whatever, his cell phone escaped his pocket and he was unable to locate it in the grass. After a lengthy search he gave up and got back in and hit go.
Crunch. Yes, that's what it sounds like when you bail your cell phone. So, he stops the tractor and the bailer and he goes a hunting for the device again. He was able to locate the cell phone and all the parts but the back that holds the battery in.
So, for a week he has been eying my brand new Android and fiddling with the battery on his old broken phone. It still works, but it is not really convenient anymore, because the battery falls out.
So, this morning after I have a cup of coffee in me, and before he wakes, a wild idea comes to my mind, and I am after a way to return the fix it favors.
Step 1: Locate a ranch girls' best friend: 
Duct Tape
Step 2: Measure (just eyeball it) and cut...
If it is broke around here we fix it...
And, I fixed it!
Somehow I doubt I will get to replace my Ram Rod nickname with Ms. Fix it, just yet. I am also not sure if he will appreciate my fix-it favor, or my effort, because I know he is not as huge a fan of duct tape as I am. But, I do know, this wild woman will not regret have a wild Wednesday!
July 27, 2011

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