Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cowgirl Worship, Blognapping Barbie

"How ’bout them cowgirls
Boys ain’t they somthin’
Sure are some proud girls
And you can’t tell ‘em nothin’
And I tell you right now girls
May just be seven wonders of this big, old round world
But how ’bout them cowgirls"
~Excerpt from How Bout Them Cowgirls by George Strait.
I worship cowgirls.
Yup, I mean W.O.R.S.H.I.P. them.
I've tagged along with the best of them, but never really was one. Years have passed and I will forever consider myself lucky to have known these girls, and still able to check in on them from time to time on FB. Their posts, or pictures or whatever they say is always inspirational. They remind me of who I am and want to be...
That cowgirls don't cry, they ride baby ride. 
Since I rarely rub shoulders with my favorite of Gods' creatures I have been living vicariously through this blog I tumbled across.
It is called Buckaroo Barbie. I blognapped the best post ever, and I am sharing it, here, because it is a perfect example of WHY I love cowgirls so much.
I don't know Liz, personally, but I feel like I do from her blog: I know one thing, she is a REAL cowgirl and I worship her. 
I cannot get over the line in this blog post that sounds so much like my sisters and I in our teenage years at the Ranch... "Do you have a clean knife to cut the cheese, cuz I sure don't."
And, just because I blognapped Barbie, I feel like I should do a little more blognapping while I am at it. I AM an all or nothing type.
So, in the interest of my cowgirl worship...drum are three more cowgirl images I had the mind to nab from Google.
Shhh, don't tell or I will getcha back.
July 31, 2011

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