Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Fresh Perspective

I've been a crankapotimious the past couple of days. I broke more than my car and the bank and a couple of lawn mowers, and with the bugs, I have been a little off my mark.
When I get this way I know the best way to shake it off is to start my day with an egg count of blessings that are present in my life. I have found it a good way to put a little light, ahem perspective, on a just about any squirly situation.
I also find, it fresh to look at the things I see everyday or from parts of my life that I love, and stroke it with heightened appreciation. You know, appreciate what is, and what is working, even if it seems meager next to the issue of the national debt...
My garden is not going to pump out enough for even one table at a farmer's market like I tumbleweed wish.
However, the things that come from it today have left me with a fresh perspective.
It fed, or I guess I should say will feed, my hungry soul.
And when I add these things to the fresh Nevada grown beef rib roast cooking in my Crock pot...
We might as well have some fresh, home made sourdough bread to go with the roast.
Thank heavens it is still alive! It has been longer than a month since I fiddled with my favorite uncontrolled scientific experiment.
And, if we are going to have fresh bread then maybe we should have some greens from the garden...
Doesn't my fresh farmy ranchy made dinner sound yummy? It does to me too! It smells amazing. Can you tell that my spirits have lifted past the cloud of mosquitoes? It has.
It is amazing how a good egg count of ones blessings can bring forward the fresh flowers from the grass.
You know this wild Nevadan girl-woman would put up with any element God can create as long as she can eat from life's garden from time to time. Life is meant to be as good as fresh food!
My fresh perspective does not stop there. I have plans for tonight...
I have plans for a good long soak in a chamomile bath while I read book sent to me by a good friend. Somehow, I bet she just knew I would be nose deep in it by sundown! Thanks girl, you rock.
Have a good night all and don't forget to get a good egg count on your blessings in the morn. --HjB
July 23, 2011

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