Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Window: Five Things I Love About You

"...You are the window (in) which you must see the world."
 --George Bernard Shaw 

1. That you love to read newspapers and pay attention to world news and politics
2. That you have been to every state at least twice and that you picked me; and that you were not scared to settle down, and make US your home.
3. That you like to work and you try hard, even when you are not good at something
4. When you are sweet and charming
5. Your generosity

1. The way you say Thank You
2. Your laugh
3. The way you like to build things with Lego's
4. Your singing, and the way you dance around to music
5. The way you look like your Daddy

1. When you say I love you Mommy
2. Your smile
3. The way you like both tools and babies
4. Your stories: the way you tell me everything that happened, and then what is going to happen, even when I cannot understand what you are saying because you are talking so fast.
5. The way you look like me


1 comment:

  1. 1. How you can make me smile and laugh no matter what has happened or is happening.

    2. The way you never give up on those u love.

    3 your acceptance of people for who they are.

    4. How you and i can talk for years and never say anything important..

    5. How u can get down and childlike and play and color with ur kids.