Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old Pictures For A Wild Wednesday

picture this...
I am only 50 percent sure this is a picture of me. It could be my sister, WjB. I remember the swing set, and the skinned knees, elbows and ears from when I met the hard surface. And surface quality was not an issue then. When I look at it now, I cannot help but think that a girl who grows up with a swing set on a mine dump might just be a little bit tougher than the girl who always fell on grass.
Renota, Blondie, Grammie
I have written about "Grammie" before, and be sure she will continue to visit the Dancing Tumbleweed Blog, as I drive forward. In spite of her residence in Heaven, she was, and always will be, an inspiring part of my existence on earth.
She was a real woman. A real lady. She always had a pair of bookends together. She made it look easy. And she inspired my girly girl side.
My girly girl side is somewhat suppressed by the presence of all these boy children in my life, but I did wear a dress every single day of second grade. I always make a point to paint my toenails and wear earrings. My best diamond earrings, a family heirloom, are for everyday wear, and the costume jewelry is for when I go out.
There were some other people around, too.
They also inspired me from a young age.
The result was this.
Curlers, check.
Baseball cap, check.
Dress shoes, check.
Pink snuggies, check.
Chocolate cheeks, check.
Hand sewn, lacy pillow, check.
Can you believe I just put that picture on the Internet?
It is Wild Wednesday. So believe it.
Here's another old picture I love.
Not sure what exactly the plan is here.
I am also not sure who witnessed and photographed it.
I bet $5 it was Grammie.
I find the box of old photographs delightful.
Because I do not want your parting thoughts of me to be of me drinking out of jug, with my butt up in the air like a stink bug, here is another "lady" like picture somebody had mind to memorialize.
I hope you like my old pictures. It was fun to share them.
Have a wild Wednesday wild Nevadans.
And thanks for reading,
May 18, 2011

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