Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just Another Wild Wednesday

You know that Cindy song, "Just another manic Monday?" So far today, I have had, "just another wild Wednesday." My day, my typical; (atypical) Wednesday has the exact same beat. It is not a surprise. Sunday has blended all the way into Wednesday with my eyes open all wild like I am going to make a break for it.
I spent the morning on the chain. A team mate in the project that is yanking railroad ties ahem, fence posts, out of a giant suction of sogginess.
The very first link up I inserted my leg in the hole and I was suctioned to it like the stupid rail road tie. Now my Wednesday is  one leg wet.
In between the chain yanking I wildly made fly a hammer and made use of a crow bar to remove nails and stack boards. It was a wild whack fest. I will tell you right now, I am more handy with a shovel than a hammer.
If I take 10 swings at a nail I might hit it twice. I burnt a lot of calories before I finally resorted to my talent, which is bend them over...then, flip the board over so nobody could see, fall on or step on and require a tetanus shot. It was only a couple!
We came in for lunch hot and sweaty. I am sucking down half brewed sun tea, trying to catch a second wind when my man says to me, "You look kind of sexy all dirty."
"Well I am glad I can pull that off." I had sweat stains and hat head and my neck, which is naturally pink, is red. 
Good thing I pull off dirty. Since I spend a good portion of my time in such a state. No tiaras for me, not on any day of the week. 
Then, my karma reminds me thereafter that I do still reign as the Queen of Poo. (I will save the story for how I got my royal station for when it is over.)
After lunch I watched Lady Hawk make a few rounds and call to her almost grown babies, who must be in the grass around here somewhere.
They are between not knowing and knowing how to fly. I have not seen much of them since the chickens are not free.
The sight of her on the wind made my eyes open just a little bit wilder; my ranging bone is very itchy...
So, to save a little time and blur the lines a little I will tell you how my week came to be so wild eyed and whooly that my typical (or atypical) Wednesday was blurred that way since Sunday and the whole thing feels like a song.
Without my knowing how it was, the wild yellow roses in the area began to bloom. And, apparently, before I even had caught sight and smell of them in person, the affect was upon me.
Picture it:
It was the eve of their discovery, so it was Sunday, and the Lamoille County fair was F.U.N. Not kidding. The boys were cautiously envious of the giant jumpy slide and I knew there was no way by themselves. We played in the small jumpy house and we all watched scores of kids trade tickets for a slide ride.
I watched for some time and no adults took a turn, just kids.
Well, it came time to either poop or get off the pot and so I took the boys and the three tickets and we got in line. They were sooooooo excited. The worst that can happen is the lady says no, right?
We get past the ticket lady and about four inches up the jumpy slide ladder both kids have their breaks on. I mean totally froze up.
So, causing a traffic jam, I sort of leap frog them over each other, and while grabbing the ropes and climbing up, myself.
I don't look back and I can only imagine what kind of scene this is all causing.
I can only imagine if a crowd is getting larger in the spectators area.
I won't lie. There was just a little bit of adrenaline coursing through me by now. I am sweating and breathing hard from the exertion of forcing them upward and onward.
Just as we get to the top, one of the boys is kind of frightened by the thought of the slide ride, and lets out a huge,"I wanna goo home."
Both of them tried to head back toward the ladder, which was blocked by other kids by now.
So, I scooped them both in my arms, and with the, "I hope this does not go terribly wrong," thought in my head, I let it slide for the bottom!
After the shock wore off and we were back in the car on our way home I asked them, what was their favorite thing that day. Their answer: "The jumpy slide!"
I'm not kidding. They squealed. Three tickets and three minutes, and it set the wild tone for my wild week that is so far half way over.
This wild Wednesday would be just another typical (atypical) wild Wednesday, but for one thing was different.
The patch of wild yellow roses in the ranch yard has bloomed. Their fragrant smell is has made its way inside my window on a gentle summer breeze.
It has effectively done what half brewed sun tea cannot. It has given me my second wind. So I better get a move on, and that chicken out of the oven for dinner!
I love this life and I love my wild Wednesdays, be they typical (or atypical?) or soaked in a wild sunny scent. Thanks for sharing them with me. And, have a wild Wednesday, y'all.
June 29, 2011

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