Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The garden is calling

I grew my first garden when I was seven. The concept that you can put a seed in the ground, water it, give it a little sunshine, protect it from being eaten or trampled and you get a tomato or flower for your efforts gives me great joy. It puts me in the center of that spiral of life and I feel a part of the big picture.
I have always been in love with the broken ground, the smell of soil, and green things when they first arrive in spring. But, since I had children, the weeds outside have been tall, and the veggies and flowers are few and small. We moved every six months or so, and that did not help.
Last year I was so worn out on winter that I planted my garden starts about six weeks too early. Because I did not know what to expect, my cultivated projects froze the second week in June. Everything was stunted. The tomatoes turned red after the plants died in the fall. It was a saddest of all harvests.
It has to be different this year. It has been a busy couple weeks of preparation. When you look out over the yard, it is hard to tell winter was just here. My lawn is like a thick carpet of green, twice mowed. There is a pile of branches that is two times as tall as myself, because Old Man Winter had a heyday with my trees. And, the existing flower beds and corner garden have been de-grassed and fertilized. The garden-to-be-plot, agreed upon.
Funny thing about Nevada. You can look out on that old desert and think it is too hard a place to grow things. I promise the only thing that is missing, is water, and a little tender loving care. The dirt is still good. Check out that carrot! If I had my way, I would water the whole dang desert!
Why am I so excited? Because, my garden-to-be plot is the biggest garden-to-be-plot I have ever had to work with. It is like a giant canvas and when I look at the newly fenced off ground I can see a rainbow of gorgeous plants and veggies bursting over and out of it.
I am ahead of myself, I know. The seedlings will be started today to spend two weeks in the house, then two weeks on the porch. 
This gives gives me roughly three weeks to get the entire garden space ready for the sprouts. 
That, in itself, is going to be a huge endeavor. Being that it is a "new" garden it might not be the most productive its first year. I really need to get the soil worked and ready. After but a day in the dirt I am optimistic. The effort seems so small when you love what you are doing. It is good exercise for my body and mind, which were both going soft.
I cannot complain about the scenery, the smell, and soundtrack of birds singing in the background. It is perfect. I cannot wait to go there today, it is like church for me. I cannot wait to rip open that first seed packet, and become a part of that bigger picture that God painted.
Oh, I can hear my garden plot calling my says, "HjB, come play in the dirt with, and then plant me."
Excitement abounds,
May 14, 2011

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