Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Love: Life

we love because it's the only true adventure. -Nikki Giovanni 
No matter what way you slice your bread, there are two to 2,000,000,000 ways to look at any one subject or object. I have not been on hiatus; I have been on a journey. To be frank, my path has been wide, strange, and full of twisted obstacles. ....Holy Cow.

I am both compelled and hesitant to share my thoughts with you today. I am not confident I will be able to say what I must say; and have it come across like I would intend to.  Just rush through fear and sit next to the guy who will make it unbearable. I might as well compost whatever seeds I plant while I tumble along through life.

It came to my attention that I write and celebrate Love here at the Tumbleweed, but never went to the trouble to define the HjB's perception of mankinds' most powerful word.

To which I began to reflect, and research, and realize.

Love is almost undefinable, yet it is universal. And, a huge amount of power lies between the two ends of these planes. If I had to summarize it, I would say Love is the energy which drives us until our bodies die and start to decompose.

Love is Life. The two words, are synonyms to this wildwoman.


The research: I do not believe half the crap or quotes the world has published. I wasn't born under a bus, or yesterday.

Reflection: Love is squishy.

Realization: I know an evolution of my definition of Love is inevitable. To preserve it now will haunt me later.

Similar to a country song I once knew, the philosophy of my spirit in its natural, wild state is: If you ain't loving, you ain't living.

Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us." -Voltaire.   

Before you judge my proper use of English, I will insert that "ain't" is an important part of my wild ass philosophy. Ain't here tries to make light of the wildest side within us, which is sometimes a slave to its attraction to, and will abuse itself for the sake of, pleasure. Love having a pleasure point, it is easily used for disharmony for sake of pleasure...

I was raised with a fairly black and white, right and wrong perspective of all things, including love. Just like everyone else, the events of my life found me in this giant gray, middle ground which is very hard to navigate, without a map, and most interesting, complex, and void of my footprint. 

What a freaking adventure freak I am! The gray matter of love moves me to awe.

Love is beautiful in motion or standing still. Love is beautiful in the spotlight; in silhouette; and reflection. 

It is undefinable and universal. Between two people it does not consist of gazing deeply into another's eyes, but shares a point of view.

One quote that is spit out all the time, drives HjB wildNevadanwoman to distraction! Who dares to call the emotion of love, patient or kind? It knows no time limits. There are not boundaries. Love can be patient, and kind, but it is not always. 

If you don't know that your love can be held against you then you better be after your big girl panties. At some point, we are all so taken by our love that we will be made to survive the ride of your life. And, we all remember the first time we found the ground, hard, and don't we carry the scar forever?

As humans we are so hungry for love or angry over it, together, we might just dismantle our own evolution and crack a hole right down the center of Earth. I guess this is why we tend to extreme (obsess) or totally avoid using, love. So powerful is love, we humans find it hard to hold without abusing it. 

Love is the only perfect thing in this imperfect world. Even while love causes us to change it remains constant. Love encompasses, all. We are smart enough to recognize it but we are dumb enough to be jealous. Another unfortunate thing about love.


Just like youth is wasted on the young, love is wasted on humans. That is why I love the simplest of things, on the Tumbleweed feed. I will not spend my life wasted. Love elevates, and causes a chain reaction. It inspires. It creates more energy. It is motion.

As we ride the Earth in spiral to the end dial, respecting ourselves, each other, and our environment should be a top level priority. Yet isn't that the furthest thing from our greedy little minds? Why can't we maintain love, when we are born to love. Why don't we just kick away some of the fake, and fight the right fight?
I am not perfect. I have transmitted plenty of negative energy into my own relationships, and it has reverberated on to the Universe. 

Because love is the only thing important to me. It is the only thing I am willing to die for. I take a chance, with sharing my feelings with y'all. I am compelled to put back what I must take.

Why? Because, it troubles me that I often live without regard to my blessings, and either ignore or run from what is driving my energy force. Love is often scary. Besides, love being important, It boggles my mind that I can forget what I am doing, or meant to do, while I do it. 

Sometimes we demand love then forget to nurture it. When it's gone or wasted away, we say "It is not fair!" But, to waste is rejection and we really did run away because we were afraid of the same, rejection. 

To attract love and hold it takes sacrifice of our ego and faith in another. That means we have to sacrifice our facade and prove we are able to "get over ourselves."

And again, it doesn't make me feel "better" that I'm not the only one who needs to get over myself. .....As my Hon would say, real fast.

Just as there are many ways to look at any one subject, looking too closely or for too long, is going to cause, (even love) a slant. Evolution leads you to change what you love, while you are loving it. 

When you find yourself among what you do not love, it is, in my rough neck opinion, best to rush through the worst of the thorns and nurse loves' wounds. In or out of love, sedation is found in wisdom and not love.

If you love something or someone so bad that you are will to sacrifice your "self" to get it, you will grow. Two I's become we.

To give love will not always beget the love you receive. But, when you get off the ground and try again you will love your iwn heart a little more. It's a nice return. 

And, if you can express love, instead of search for or demand it, I promise, you will find, at exactly the right time, exactly what you need.

Because I've been here and done what has been done already, enough times I appreciate well spent energy. If you follow the tumbleweed you must recognize how love shapes each and every human soul. 

My seeds have been sewed, and composted.

Thank you for reading.



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