Saturday, October 1, 2011

Silver Top Grizzly

So over the years I inadvertently collected quite a bit of photos of one of Tonopah's landmarks, the Silver Top. Or, with its counter part; the Grizzly. Together they are (to little ,ol me) the Silver Top Grizzly...

Not but an hour ago I was in the neighborhood of them. I snapped this pic with my camera phone (cuz my boyfriendKodak is in the shop for a cleaning) Both of my girlfriends were not home when I stopped by for a visit. I guess I was visiting old Silver...Hmph.
Still. It is a super chill Saturday. The Silver Top withstands yet another Gale-Force-Wind. Hmph. Naw, it is only a comfortable and constant 10mph. It is October. My girl, Gale's favorite month.

For some reason I think The Silver Top Mine (or maybe the Grizzly?) was the richest of all of Tonopah Mines, producing more silver or silver per ounce than even the Mizpah or any other of the multitudes. The rest of the history is a mystery to me this afternoon because I have not gone back to the house for any of my books to verify my ideas.
It is nap time up there I hear.
If you are as fascinated as I seemingly am than you can look it up yourself or visit the Tonopah Historic Mining Park.

I would fill you in but that would cut into chill time. So out with the new and in with some old photos. Now mind you none are more old than me...I took them.
Enjoy the richest of all Tonopah Mines.??

Happy Saturday.

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