Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A porcupine good time

The wind out there is whipping and howling. It is fierce and wild. Whatever snow that did not melt yesterday is gone. I foresee a day spent with the heater running and doors tightly shut. Boy am I glad we were able to go out yesterday, before the weather turned.
Probably that talk about things getting a little boring alerted Cory that I might take flight; he invited us to tag along while he cut posts for fence. Of course, he knew exactly where to find a porcupine; and we eventually came across three.
I was happy Toby-dog was not with us and that all three were happy to stay in the trees where they were napping. I was not so much impressed with all of the wild branches which prevented me from getting very many clear shots.
I'm not big on disturbing what is wild, really. The boys said bye, bye, and we left them to go back to their naps. The fresh air made both boys tired enough to take naps themselves once we returned home. What a porcupine good time.
I hope the weather in your neck of the sage is nicer than mine. Happy Saturday

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