Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tumbleweed Wishes

Tumbleweed wishes
Tumbleweed, Tumbleweed
don't Roll on,
by me.
Tumbleweed, Tumbleweed
First grant this wish,
I have of thee...
I wish __________.
When I was a young girl I once told an acquaintence I wished for a horse. I meant to tell him it was a dream, but I was young, and I said, "I wish."
That guy said, "Put wishes in one hand, and bull shit in the other, and see which one fills up faster." I know, what an asshole thing to say to a young person. Obviously it made an impression.
It is true, wishes being as light as dandelion seeds, do weigh less than actual and proverbial bull shit. He also meant to point out, it is unhealthy to go through life just wishing for things without effort. That being said, it is absolutely necessary to prove people like this, wrong.
I find wishes healthy. For me, it is a quest to fill up one hand with wishes before I can fill the other one with bull shit. It is just as hard as that guy warned, but why not chase after, and catch, every single dandelion seed while it flies on a breeze?
And we all know the song, star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish... but you have to wait for nighttime. And, its boring.
Fun ways I wish for things...
Pick your feet up; and put a thumb on a screw (its a good idea to have a handy favorite screw) be ready before you go over the railroad track; while you drive over the track you make your wish.
How about on a crummy, yucky, windy day, when a wish is absolutely necessary to give you a boost? That's where the tumbleweed wish began.
When you see a tumbleweed a-comin' your way you begin the song. And, you have to say the whole song before the tumbleweed rolls out of sight. Tumbleweed, Tumbleweed, don't just roll on by me. Tumbleweed, Tumbleweed, first grant this wish I have of thee. I wish my ponytail would go ahead and grow back already.
It is okay to wish for things that you know will never come true. They still count toward the weight of that hand holding the wishes.
I wish Toby would live forever.
I wish all four of my grandparents would come back from heaven.
I wish the wind would stop blowing.
Wishes that you can attach to a dream weigh more than the wishes that are simply an expressed desire. Give double weight points to any wishes you plan to put an effort into chasing; or if the wish coincides with the dream that keeps you chugging through your life. 
My own dream is like a mountain. I know that to get to the top I am going to have to scale it, and imagine how it will be to put my flag there, and do the touchdown dance.
I do not simply wish for my dream to come true. I live it. I breathe it. I put clothes on it with every single wish I think that will drive it. I put both the dreams and these special wishes into the same jar. So to speak the wishes and dreams rub together and make more energy. I only allow the hand that holds wishes to touch the jar. I never allow the hand that holds bull shit to even look at the jar.
My dream is going to cost me at least $1,000,000 to get going. (Can you tell I've been working on that 'ol business plan?) (No, my dream is not a $1,000,000 horse, it's a bit evolved since that particular conversation).
Metaphorically, the dream needs snow shoes and a good backpack, and a thick sleeping bag, if it is ever going to top that mountain. It might take me ever bit of 20 years to climb. And while the Wild Nevadan HjB, is the humble begining of my most wildest dream, it is, right now, just base camp.
Another way to make your wish weigh more is if you share with somebody who has the ability to help make it come true. I wish to collaborate with Anita and Shawn on a publication. I told each of them and the wish has been granted.
I bet wishes that are granted weigh triple a regular old wish.
This is the risky part about wishing. When you share a wish, you risk running into people like that guy, who wants to give you bull shit. And once wishes are granted, don't you just want to wish for more?
Disclaimer: All of the wishes held here, within, are tumbleweed wishes, to fuel the dream. They do not do me much good as secrets. I plan to chase them, they can weigh more if I share them. They weigh even more if I attach them to the dream. Twice-size the dream if I can get it to come no particular order... 
Tumbleweed, Tumbleweed. First, grant this wish for me.
I wish I can win at least 1 category in the Nevada Magazine photo contest.
I wish to spend a whole week at Bellehellen--no snow.
I wish Cory would take a week off and go with me to see the Wyoming side of the Tetons and Jackson Hole.
I wish to celebrate something (anything) with Andria and Bridget at the Mizpah Hotel. I do not currently like wine but an event like this could change me; and I am a hopeless romantic who loves the company of these two wild women.
I wish it were easier to find employment and benefits. Job/Career hunting is kicking my butt.
I wish I to grant my BFF's secret tumbleweed wish to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with her. Her wish is not my wish, but granting her wishes always makes me very very happy.
I wish to go to a Kid Rock concert someday.
I wish to find a second craft fair to attend, annually
I wish I could get 25 entries or votes on the existing entries for the Jaunt to Journey campaign. I do love to go down that dirt road.
I wish to go picking wild flowers, again, with Wanda.
I wish I was not worried about what my man will think when he reads about all these secret tumbleweed wishes that I have swirling around in my mind...
So to speak, my wishing hand is never half empty. Happy Sunday and happy tumbleweed wishing,
 Sunday, April 10, 2011

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