Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Inconvenienced Hick From the Sticks

So you all know how much I love life in the rural lane. It is where I belong, and winter come big snow, there is not much that could separate me from it.
This morning, though, I am reminded of just how inconvenient it is to be a hick from the sticks. Oh, I am one. 
For example. This morning I am out of coffee. I was up at 4:45 with the dawn and I was warming water for tea…like I am the queen of England.
The whole house is sound asleep and there is no way I can sneak off to the local Chevron in my jammies for a caffene hit. That is a 40 mile, one hour, commitment. I’ll just wait. No biggie.
Well, I might as well make a grocery list. There are some good sales in town and I always need milk and bread. I have been too busy getting dirty to bake. There are just a couple more coupons I need to print, there is no reason to pay full price. Hmmm. No ink. No biggie.
I think the replacement ink will arrive in the mail today. The mail lady comes but three days a week...not sure now, if the ink is supposed to arrive via the mail, Fed Ex or UPS.
Don't get me started on how inconvenient it is to wait for the Fed Ex truck all day and it does not even slow down as it passes...It sounds a lot like life to me too. No biggie.
Except, I am drinking tea and not coffee and so I do not think I could connect the dots in this Highlights Magazine that my kids left here.
I tumbleweed wish there was a coffee fountain in my front yard. I just sort of feel inconvenienced by the fact there is no Starbucks right here. I am pretty sure this is going to be the biggest catastrophe of the wildnevadan nation, do-date. Just kidding. 
Because, I can usually shake off my royal inclinations…I think it has to be the tea.
I’m sure at some point I will just pull on a pair of jeans, find a hat, pack the kids in the car and head to the mail box. 
If there is no printer ink, I will just say screw the groceries and coupons and head my car toward the nearest gas station--a b-line for a cup of the strongest, darkest, thickest coffee and a $15 can of Folgers to hold me over. Sigh. Only someone with as much money as the queen of England buys Folgers for $15. Oh this being from the sticks is not convenient today...Right?
Just waiting on the kids now. Hmph. They are sleeping in for the first time ever. Inconvenient! Wow. Now that should never be thought of as inconvenient for this particular hick in the sticks... no more tea for me today. I better switch over to Pepsi! I just scared myself!
Anyhow, I bet it is noon before I resolve the conspiracy theory. What a waste. I hope your Friday is chugging right along by now! Happy Friday!
June 24, 2011

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