Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Go for It, Girl. It is Wednesday.

I have twiddled myself down to 15 minutes on the clock. I have exactly that long until the rice needs to go on; I have 45 minutes until dinner about finishes. For the sake of Wild Wednesday I said, "Go for it girl."

Confession # 1: I have not brushed my hair (and nobody noticed) for about 3-5 days. Depending on what you consider hair brushing.

Confession # 2: I spent the entire day on my Internet. I transferred my entire blog, even some pretty lame posts to a new site. Did you notice things looked weird? It was the fun part of my day--the wildly not going to get dressed because it is the National first time I have had Internet in FOREVER day.
WELCOME ~ and I'll explain more later...
Confession # 3: I am not entirely impressed by my obsession with: the comma, the semi-colon, the run on sentence and misspelling of things; ie the complete lack of ability to edit in face of my little "publish" high. It is my nerdy girl thing. Wildnevadan girl like wifi... yes I can hear my 9th grade English teacher saying, "When in doubt, leave it out."

Confession subanomoly # Things look bright for tomorrow but the wind is kind of blowing right now. I had plans for a pie chart from the old website that gave me hope about moving the cheese to a free blog spot. I have dinner to cook and the timer has gone MISSING. I guess nerdy gir, ahem The Wild Nevadan HjB, l will return with some kind of traffic report at a later date....So, Wild Wednesday to you my loveys. And, just keep on reading...
a tumbleweed dancing... The Wild Nevadan HjB

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