Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Freedom to run

March 14, 2011
The other day I walked behind my boys as they ran down a dirt road. I watched their little feet pump with purpose and their arms swing, with no other purpose than to keep them upright. It was almost as if they noticed there were no boundaries and they hit their turbo buttons. 
Colton turned to check on me, said "Come on!" and his tongue went into the corner of his mouth in concentration. He turned away again. I watched as his pace increased and like a little colt, he did a little hop, and was off like a shot.
Clayton's legs are too short to compensate for his big head so the faster he went the faster the forward momentum would fling him to the ground. Undaunted, he would jump up and tuck his little chin down and put that fat little leg out there and set forth.
It was a sight that brought the corners of my lips into a spontaneous smile. There was such freedom in the air that I caught of a whiff of it.
For a moment, I could imagine how their little hearts must soar to be able to run, unchecked.
I used to love it when nobody was looking, and I could let that horse run as fast as it needed. When it was done I would get this cheesy grin stuck on my face.
And, I used to love to let my dogs free on the desert and let them run after a Jack rabbit, especially if they had been cooped up awhile. I swear they would come back with the same cheesy freedom grin on their faces.
It was nice, for me, to allow my kids their freedom to run. So much of the time I am the one to tell them, "No. No. No."
I was reminded that all of God's creatures enjoy that feeling of being free. Even the trees in my backyard, and rooted to the ground, seek to be free and bend and twist their branches against each other to catch the light as they grow.

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