Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The ABC's of HjB

I snagged this idea from another blog. Enjoy.
Age: 33
Birthday: July 4, 1978
Chore you hate: Laundry
Dogs: Toby, black lab mix, gets all the credit for keeping me alive through my 20s.
Essential start of your day: COFFEE!
Favorite Color: Red. White. Blue.
Gold or silver: if you are giving it away then I want MY OWN MINE.
Height: 5'4" and bulletproof
Inspiration: my boys, the wild and rural side of Nevada, duh.
Job Title: Captain. But, I call myself Mommy. I cook, clean, kiss oweies and nag. Not in that order. And the cooking is half-ass. 
Kids: Colton 3 and Clayton 2, the anchors to this ‘ol pirate ship.
Live: on a ranch in Starr Valley, that’s 30 mi from Elko, NV (about half-way to Wells, NV).
Mom's Name: Christol J.
Nickname: Heidi Ho or Wildnevadan works for me.
Overnight hospital stays: Just the delivery of both babies…I’m just going to say WOW good thing for hospitals. Doing that kind of stuff out on the prairie would SUCK.
Pet Peeve: mean people who kill dreams
Quote from a movie: “I’m your huckleberry" -Tombstone.
Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: one biological younger sister who rocks and two red-head step sisters.
Time you wake up: 5 ish.
Underwear: On occasion. Hey, I half-ass the laundry too.
Vegetables: should be home-grown and garden ripe! My favorite is cherry tomatoes.
What makes you run late: NOTHING. I am early or not there at all. 
X-rays you've had done: pretty much all limbs and torso, but never my head, hmmm..
Yummy food you make: well, that depends on who you are asking. My answer is bacon
Zoo animal: If the creature has a brain bigger than a fish, it knows when it is not wild/free.
Now it is your turn... thanks for reading
April 20, 2011

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